Our Strength and Power Massage Services


Massage Services, Strength and Power Massage of Concord New Hampshire

We incorporate Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Mobilizations, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic movements, and more to create a custom blend session designed to treat your specific therapy goals

30 Minute Massage $40

45 Minute Table Massage $60

60 Minute Table Massage $75

90 Minute Table Massage $105

120 Minute Table Massage $160


Prices are subject to change.
By Appointment Only


Hours of Operation:
Monday: 9am-2pm (every other Monday)
Tuesdays: 9am-5pm
Wednesday: 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-6pm
Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 9:30am- 2:30pm

*Availability may vary due to COVID-19

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